Norad Or Google The Best Santa Tracker

I hope that you all know that Both Norad and Google have their Santa Tracker for 2014.And the people already have a question about whom to follow or rely when it comes to the accuracy percentage or exactness of Santa's location.Well its not too much complicated but you can decide yourself once you compare both of them and their services.

For all those novice to Santa Tracker, it is an online site that lets the users to find Santa Claus and his present location instantly and the same gets updated in every five seconds.It worked well over the years since nineteen fifty five when it was first introduced by Norad since a mistake in given number led to the idea of an official website.

Best Santa Tracker Norad Or Google

It all started long years ago by NORAD and Google had been doing it since a couple of years only. Norad does it with volunteer help while the search engine company keeps their method not public.Google's version comes with a countdown and tracker and some games that keeps updated in each day.While Norad has the tracker on official site and they do give games.

Santa Tracker 2016

2016 Santa Tracker

Their games are for Windows eight and for Android and IOS too.The advantage of NORAD over search engine giant is that in the case of time they are three hours ahead and thus stands in the top position.But when it comes to decorations and modifications, the giant searcher leads by a little bit.But still final conclusions could only be made after personal use.

Best Santa Tracker

Now you must have got some basic understandings of both of them and must be able to choose in between and always you can switch to the other one if you like.Anyway if you think my post NORAD Or Google Best Santa Tracker makes sense do pass the information with our buds.