History Of Norad Santa Tracker

A very good chance to know the History of Norad Santa Tracker, which is the world famous program that tells you the Christmas hero Santa Claus's current way.So for all those who wanna know how this got started and all this would definitely be an information source.You will get shocked for a minute when you came to know this game started from the nineteen fifty's.Yeah that's true dear readers its more cool with NORAD Santa Tracker History.

This annual entertainment program started from nineteen fifty five under the guidelines of North American Aerospace Defense Command which is widely known in short form as NORAD.The Santa who leaves north pole to deliver the Xmas presents and gifts are traced by them and converts it into a fun mode and lets the public access it which is what you gets to see as the NORAD Santa tracker.

The History Of Norad Santa Tracker

It sounds pretty interesting right, sure it does and its a great service from them which is internationally enjoyed inspite of the nationality and without no barriers at all for free.At first NORAD was CONAD when we looks back at the history.Today the program is made possible with the help of a lot of volunteers who works hard to make this awesome feature possible.

Santa Tracker 2016
About forty calls are to be attended in each hour and twelve thousand plus emails and more than seventy thousand of phone calls are to replied by them when we calculate the overall data.The year two thousand thirteen is the current record holder with around 1 lakh plus calls attended which will be an easy break in this year with more publicity and reach its been getting since a long time.The volunteers include defense personals and civilians.

 Norad Santa Tracker History

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